Are you and your dog off somewhere far? Or just planning to drive aimlessly for hours on end? Here a few things you have to remember.

Choose a route that’s dog-friendly

Not all routes are created equal. While some may prove pet-friendly, others are not quite there yet. So when planning for a road trip with your pup, do enough research so you would know which ways offer rest stops that are accommodating to dogs.

Go on practice rides before the big day

If your pup is a professional rider, then by all means skip this advice. For dog owners raising nervous dogs however, the importance of practice rides can never be overstated. These practice rides will help your pup get used to a moving vehicle.


Practice rides to pet shops where you and your dog can buy treats and toys is always an effective way to make your pet regard car rides positively.

Be mindful of your pup’s safety

Traveling with your canine companion is unarguably fun. So long as you consider their safety your utmost responsibility. To keep you pup safe on long car rides, you must have a reliable dog car seat which you could securely position at your vehicle’s back seat.

Engage your pup in physical activities before you venture out

Dogs are well-behaved when they are absolutely tired. You can use this wisdom to your advantage. Play with your pup at your nearby dog park or your backyard before you both hop on your car for a long ride.

Once you feel your pet has adequately consumed their surplus energy, you are both ready to go.

Don’t forget to bring doggy toys

Dogs are also well-behaved when they are sufficiently entertained. If you do not want your pup to distract you while driving, give them their favorite chew toy, or any engaging toy for that matter. The idea is to keep them amused with or engaged with something while you are behind the wheels.

Some fetch or tug toys will come in handy during rest stops as well.

Be wary of your pup’s anxiety level

Before driving out make sure your pup’s nerves are in check. There are a lot of products you could buy to reduce your dog’s anxiety. These options include pheromones, pressure wraps, and even anxiety vests.

There are a lot of risks associated with being on the road with an anxious pup. They might start barking or chewing or doing destructive behaviors that can put the both of your in peril.

Don’t shy away from driving breaks

You are not trying to beat a world record here. You are trying to have fun while driving with your beloved canine. So chill and when necessary pull over for a driving break.

This will not only rejuvenate you but it will also give you ample time to assess whether your pup is still enjoying the experience or they’ve become considerably ill at ease.

Long car rides are some of the funnest experiences you can ever spend with your canine companion. Follow these reminders and you are all set for the road.



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