These two little buddies had been living inside a recycling facility for three months when some of the people working there, who had hearts of gold, decided to contact the Hope For Paws organization to arrange for their rescue. The employees first spotted the two of them in the facility three months prior, and although none of them could afford to take the dogs home, they had been feeding the poor creatures daily ever since. And because they worked at a recycling facility, they had all the materials they needed to create a makeshift house for the dogs and they put it somewhere in the bushes within the property.

Hope For Paws was quick to respond to the call, naturally, and the rescuer was pleasantly surprised when the dogs simply came out to greet her the moment she got out of her vehicle. Thanks to the wonderful way that these employees had been treating the poor dears, rescuing them wouldn’t be too stressful for the rescuer, and more importantly, for the dogs themselves. The larger of the two small dogs looked very excited to meet his rescuer and was happy to receive the treats she had brought, while the smaller one was more apprehensive and took to hiding in the bushes.

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That wasn’t too hard to remedy, however, because he was mostly sizing up this stranger, and he somewhat telegraphed that he wanted to come out and get some of that food despite having the appearance of being cautious. Soon, the chase led the rescuer to one of the makeshift homes that the employees had given the dogs and the skittish one was quick to seek refuge in it. It was convenient because it was made out of a box and they were easily able to seal it before they proceeded to calm the boy down.

And then they were off to the rescuer’s vehicle where the employees — their former carers — said their goodbyes. The rescuer named them Salami and Pastrami.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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