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Most of us must be guilty if I say, “we haven’t planned our dog’s Christmas yet.” With all the friends and relatives that might come over, the sale items we want to take advantage of, and that vacation we’ve been planning for the longest time, it’s not unlikely that it hasn’t crossed our mind to plan our pup’s Christmas.

Do you know that the food we might serve and the decorations we put for Christmas can put our dogs at risk of danger? Households that do have dogs should be preparing the safety of their dogs this Christmas. We love our dogs so much and we don’t want them to get hurt or hurt themselves so here are a few tips on keeping them safe so we can definitely have happy holidays.


Keep your dog away from Christmas plants


Have you just received some Christmas plants from your loved ones? Well, if you thought about surrounding your house with plants, think it thoroughly. Poinsettia, holly, mistletoe and eucalyptus can be harmful to your dog’s health once consumed. If you can’t avoid having plants at home, just make sure it can’t be reached by your dog or to keep it away from his sight.

Christmas trees can also be source of diseases. Your dog may drink the water from the tree holder which may have some plant food additives harmful to ingest. Even if there are no plant food additives in that water, we shouldn’t allow them to drink from it since the water may be contaminated.

Look after him during house parties

A well trained dog would be able to tolerate a crowd inside your house, but most dogs aren’t. Most dogs get anxious if there are a lot of unfamiliar faces around. Worst is if your dog will keep barking and snapping each time another person comes in your door. That’s not something we would like to happen so if he doesn’t like socialization much, make sure to put him to a safe, guest-free area.

Aside from that, we have to monitor his whereabouts. Even if he’s able tolerate a crowd, make sure he doesn’t slip away. Your dog should have an identification tag so he can easily be identified in case he gets away.

Don’t let him eat chocolates

Chocolates has a component called theobromine that is toxic to dogs and can cause tremors, seizures , irregular heartbeat and worst, heart attack, once ingested in large amount. Before putting a gift under the Christmas tree, ask if there’s a chocolate in it.

Manage your dog’s food this holiday

A lot of food on the table also means a lot of leftovers. I’m sure your tendency is to give your fido lots of food and treats but be careful on what you give him. Food with onions and garlic should not be consumed by your dog. Also, bones could cause choking so make sure to avoid giving it to them. Dogs excellent sniffing abilities may cause them to reach food not good for their health, so ensure food are properly stored and unreachable by your pup.




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