One afternoon last month in the Philippines, after a day’s work, Tet Tapuyao, along with her friend, witnessed an amazing event.

The two friends were riding a jeepney, the most common form of public transportation in the country, when surprisingly, an unlikely commuter boarded the vehicle – a large black dog.

“I asked one of the passengers if he’s the owner, but he said not”, said Tapuyao.


Because neither of them had seen a solo–commuting pooch ever, they were surprised and were really fascinated by what they witnessed.  “We were laughing, we were simply amazed by him (the dog) and the peculiarity of the situation”, she said.

No one from the passengers knew what the riding dog was really up to but the mystery was unveiled moments after.

Tapuyao took her phone out and started to film the events in the hopes of seeing how the scenes will proceed. Shortly, when the traffic light turned red, the jeepney pulled over next to a multicab, another common type of public vehicle in the Philipines.

The mullticab was filled with several passengers and at the turn of events, the whole thing started to become real interesting.

There were kids riding and one shouted, “Oh! That’s Vince!” Another one exclaimed, “Mom, look! It’s Vince!” while directing his mother’s attention at the dog’s direction.

Undoubtedly, Vince located where his family was.

As it turned out, Vince’s family was headed for a trip on that day leaving him behind at home.  But obviously, Vince wasn’t thrilled at all with the thought that his humans were going on an excursion without him.  He made the call of trailing them on their expedition and riding the jeep seemed to have been the best option.

Eventually, Vince made it to the trip – after all, his plan certainly worked!

Occasionally, Vince’s owners run errands with him and the jeepney is their usual form of transportation, so he’s been accustomed and learned the basics of commuting but never did they think that Vince was witty enough to surprise them as he did.

Photo Credits to Clarissa Carillo via The Dodo

“Vince did not have any dog trainings, formal or informal.  He’s just an ordinary dog”, said Clarissa Carillo, niece to Vince’s owner.


Video Credits to Facebook Account YouScoop



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