Dogs don’t require a lot of things to have fun. Whatever they encounter along the way, they can almost always find some means to turn it into something entertaining.

As such, an adorable pooch didn’t pass up the opportunity of bringing out the fun when playing with water from the hose.

Ooh! Let’s play a game!

In the following video, one can see a brown-and-white furred pooch named Miss Charlie trying to catch some water from the hose. Though the water’s highly pressurized, it didn’t daunt this adorable dog from continuing her game.


But, the moment Charlie’s fur parent turns off the hose, the pooch stops with her game as well. However, it looks like Miss Charlie wants more of the fun as she wears a pleading look towards the camera.

Do it again!

And, as if Miss Charlie’s fur parent read her mind, he once again opens the hose’s switch. As soon as Miss Charlie saw this, she immediately resumed her water-gulping moves without a care in the world.

This time, the pooch’s gotten better at her game as she successfully gulps down more substantial amounts of water from the hose.

Despite this, Miss Charlie’s fur parent closed the hose once again, leaving a stunned expression on the pooch’s face.

Oh! That was a wrong move.

Since water stopped coming out of the tube, Miss Charlie didn’t have a choice but walk away. But, the moment she turned her back on it, her fur parent opened the hose once again.

Enthusiastically, Miss Charlie starts gulping down the water, with every movement matching the pressure. This time though, the pooch’s bound to make an adorable mistake that left her fur parents snickering with laughter.

The pooch wasn’t able to anticipate the sudden surge of pressure coming from the hose. As a result, water came through Miss Charlie’s nose instead of going inside the mouth!

Watch Miss Charlie as she makes a hilarious mistake in the video clip below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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