For those people who had the pleasure or experience of having a dog as part of their family, we know how rewarding it is.

Dogs give use companionship and unconditional love, and they are a companion that you can depend on for life.

Nothing proves these statements truer than John and Pawpaw. 


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John is an elderly who suffers from ALS, an incurable disease that affects the brains nerve cells. It is a degenerative, fatal disease where the muscles in the body deteriorate.

Shortly after getting diagnosed with the disease, John lost his beloved dog.

John was heartbroken and thought that he could never find another dog. And, with his disease, it seems impossible for John to care for another one.

Then he met Pawpaw. A senior dog rescued by an organization called Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

John visited Muttville to adopt another dog. The organization happily showed John the dogs that were available for adoption.

When John saw Pawpaw, there was this instant connection.

During the time he adopted Pawpaw, John was only given six months to live by the doctors due to his illness. With Pawpaw by his side, John lived for another three years.

Sadly, John’s ALS is making his body deteriorate more and more as time passes.

He wishes to find a good home for Pawpaw before he passes away.

John and Muttville are committed to finding a loving home for Pawpaw after John passed away. Pawpaw may be a senior dog, but he acts like a puppy and loves everybody. Pawpaw brings joy to everyone he comes across with

John and Pawpaw prove that the bond between man and dog is something special. No matter how old a person or a dog gets, the love we have for our dogs never fades away, and the dogs return this love as well.

Here’s a video of John and Pawpaw.

Source Muttville Senior Dog Rescue via YouTube

Thank you The Dodo for sharing this story.



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