Everyone wants something fresh. It could be food, fashion or news and it’s not different for dogs. More senior hounds are getting abandoned in a shelter simply because they’ve gotten old and the family no longer wants them.

It’s sad that after serving their humans for a long time, they are left to stay in an unfamiliar setting, shelters. They deserve more, and that’s why a man named Russell Clothier sacrificed his own house to build a sanctuary for old pooches.

Russel was a former volunteer in a shelter who witnessed senior doggies passed over for pups. It was painful. Russel shared that every time he comes back, he’d see the same old dogs in there and he just loves the sight of them.


He thought of doing something for old shelter dogs, and he got the inspiration from his ten-year-old beagle, Shep. Russel told his wife about his plan which her supportive partner later agreed to.

They sold their house and bought a new one in an area of 4 acres to serve as a sanctuary. They want to accommodate the hounds and let them spend their lives freely.

The sanctuary opened on April 6, 2019. As of now, they maintain few dogs, but the couple strives to expand in number as more donations come.

Russel and his wife want dogs to play, to feel love, support, and to nuzzle with them. Old dogs are no different from small pups; they need the same warmth and company from humans. This is what the couple wants to emphasize.

They want them to live the best way they can!

The first dog they let into the family was the ten-year-old “sweet” chocolate lab, John Wayne. The other two are Willy and Rusty. Rusty is a fourteen-year-old terrier mix who has just undergone hip surgery and is now slowly recovering while Willy, a twelve-year-old, is a whippet mix who has only one eye and who’s limping.

We hope they are having the best time of their lives in Russel’s care!

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Source at Shep’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary via Facebook



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