When we travel, we always want to make sure that we bring all the essential things with us. We take some food, drinks, electronic gadgets, pillows and other stuff so we can have a very comfortable journey. But what if you want to take your dog with you on a trip?

If you have long been wanting to bring your dog on your next family adventure, a few factors need to be considered especially if you are taking him on a drive. The tips below might be helpful for you and your dog.

Your dog’s age, personality and health

Is your dog young and strong enough to travel? Is he currently taking medications? If he has a favorite toy and blanket, make sure to take them along with you.


Another question is your dog’s ability to stay on a long trip. You must bring some water and dog food with you if you are expecting a few hours of travel.

Your Destination’s Policies

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If you are planning to stay in a hotel, read their policies before arriving there to know if they allow pets inside their facilities. It will also be helpful to search if they have indoor or outdoor activities that your dog can participate in.


A health certificate from your dog’s veterinarian might be needed especially if you are going out of the state or country. Take your dog’s records with you just in case they are required.

Consult your dog’s veterinarian as he may know the communicable diseases in the place you are going to. Let him know where you are traveling and ask for a detailed copy of all his vaccinations as different states pose different regulations on pets.

Harness and collars

Most states require dogs to be restrained when you take them for a drive. Harnesses can help in securing your dog inside the vehicle.

The collar is where you can put your name and contact information in case your dog gets lost during your trip. Including a friend’s contact information along with it might be helpful too. You should also put the rabies and license tags of your dog on it.

Your dog’s needs

Assume and list down all the needs of your dog. Early planning can help you assure that you have everything that you need. It is important to include stops during the whole drive to allow you and your dog a few minutes of rest.

Poop bags should be kept inside the car as wells as paper towels and garbage bags. Do not let your dog eat or drink too much while you are driving as it may cause him to throw up.

Practice driving with your dog

Taking some test drives with your dog wearing a harness can help him get used to long trips. It is best for you to practice for a few days before you go on a real trip with your dog.

Research the road rules for states that you are driving through to avoid being chased by traffic enforcers. And remember, you and your dog’s safety should always be your priority.




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