This wonderful story of animal rescue is about a dog named BuzuBuzu was a dog that was wandering around the streets of Romania for quite some time. Generally, most of the passersby would take notice of him because of his usual friendly gestures but, very few happen to take regard. 

He was a homeless dog living in an improvised shelter made from cardboard situated beside the street. Imagine how an uncomfortable the dog was during the cold and hot weather. Despite that, Buzu managed to survive with a bowl of water, some food wastes, and scraps for a considerable meal. 

Photo credit: Honest to Paws


His daily routine would often involve roaming around the busy streets. Every so often, he would just play by himself because no dog owner would allow their pets to mingle with a stray dog like him. They won’t allow them to play due to the threat of contracting diseases or fleas from a homeless dog.  

One remarkable thing that he always did is to follow walking strangers in hopes of getting their attention. People were so used to him and would not feel threatened or bothered. However, though his behavior would be observed by many, it also failed to soften a stranger’s heart. 

It came to some point where his small house was removed along with his bowl of water. The poor dog was totally left with nothing but the rough pavement. Picture how sad it would have been for the unfortunate Buzu. 

Thank heavens, help came to the poor dog in the form of a rescue worker from the Howl of a Dog, a dog organization. He was taken off the streets, fed, given a bath, and got treated. Now, Buzu has a warm, comfortable bed to sleep and a group of compassionate people to take care of him in the organization’s headquarters.

Video credit: Howl of a Dog

Thanks to Honest to Paws for sharing with us this story.



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