Every dog lover knows how smart dogs can be. With the aid of proper training, it’s possible for our beloved canine friends to learn every trick and command we teach them.

As such, a particular German Shepherd displays his incredible intellectual capacity when faced with a challenge.

Oh? So the dog park’s closed today?

In the video, one can see a German Shepherd named Sam sniffing around a large enclosure. This large enclosure, as Sam’s fur dad explains, is a dog park. However, there seems to be a problem that keeps them from going inside.


It turns out, the dog park where the pair frequents’ closed. What made it worse was that the only way they could enter the park was through the crack in the back portion of the fence where trees fell.

All the while fur dad’s explaining their predicament; Sam proceeds with exploring his immediate surroundings. Little did Sam know that fur dad prepared a test for him to accomplish.

Dad, you’re leaving me here?

As soon as Sam made his way back to Dad’s side, Dad immediately commanded the pooch to sit and stay in his place. To the viewers, it looks like a simple obedience test for the pooch.

However, Dad seems to have other ideas as he increases the difficulty level of the test.

While Sam obediently sits and stays in his spot, Dad goes inside the gates and locks them up. One can see how Sam watches Dad moving further away from him, almost staring at Dad with a questioning look.

Come on in, Sam!

When Dad finally stopped walking, he shouts out at Sam for him to come inside.

With movements quick as a lightning flash, Sam immediately dashed towards the gates. However, as soon as the pooch realized it’s locked, he paused for a few seconds, staring blankly at the closed gate.

Thankfully, Dad continued to give encouraging words to Sam and even made the subtlest of hints for Sam to decipher.

Do you think Sam managed to understand Dad’s hint and storm his way inside the “closed” dog park? Check out and see Sam’s terrific problem-solving skills in the video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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