We are all very aware of how excellent dogs are at guarding our properties. That was why this particular dog parent from Northern Ontario, Canada trusted his part hound-part mastiff-part Beagle pooch with the responsibility of keeping a close eye at their trash at night so bears can’t get to them.

But what he didn’t expect was that the smart, wild animal has eventually found its way around his supposed-to-be loyal pooch.

Jesse Jordan simply adores his charming canine, Brickleberry which he fondly calls as Brick. The dog’s mom died a couple of days after giving birth to ten adorable pups, so Jesse took Brick in and treated him as part of the family. It was safe to say that Jesse trusted the pooch so much as to dub him the official trash guardian at night.


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However, what he didn’t know was Brick was not that loyal at all. He has woken up to a front yard full of dug up trash and his satisfied dog with a huge deer bone in his mouth which he knew for sure was not from their house. This incident has happened not just once but thrice!

Jesse learned just how easy it was for Brick to give up his post at night in exchange for some tasty gifts from the bear. It seemed pretty funny the first time it happened, but when Jesse found Brick with yet another deer bone and a messy yard, he started to investigate.

The fuming fur dad took to Twitter and shared the “idiocy” of his furry son. The tweet instantly gained more than 320K likes and thousands of people commenting on how good the pooch is at negotiating with the intruder.

Just look at how innocent-looking this pooch is, all while his fur dad fumes at the messy yard.

Courtesy of @JesseNeon



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