It is a typical routine for the Gables Farm Dog & Cats Home of the United Kingdom to respond and take in dogs that need help.  Whether it’s the easiest or the toughest situation, the rescuers will immediately take action.

But they were surprised after seeing the dogs that came to the shelter.  One of them, a senior Collie mix that about 11 years old, was the plumpest and chubbiest pooch they had ever seen.


Not too long ago, the shelter took in another pooch whom they considered the chubbiest of them all.  They called her Hattie the Fattie who was 80 pounds heavy when she arrived.  Then came Big Bopper the Whopper with an astonishing weight of 110 pounds!

A healthy Collie weighs between 50 and 60 pounds and Bopper’s weight is twice as much.

The rescue team had no clue how or why Bopper ended up his size but one thing was certain, they had to bring Bopper to a Collie’s healthy weight.

Due to his heaviness, the oldie dog is having hard time being mobile – his joints are sore and can barely stand.  He also showed signs of depression when he first arrived.

Bopper was enormous that he won’t fit comfortably in a standard–sized kennel. Everybody knew that he has a long journey in order to achieve his ideal and healthy weight and they’d do everything to help him.

He was dejected and sad when he first arrived but Bopper managed to find joy in his new surroundings.

“Three weeks after he’s now in a routine and is much happier.  He loves lots of cuddles and short walks”, said Ruth Rickard, Gables Farm Dogs & Cats Home Deputy Manager.

Bopper is adapting little by little.  He is very trusting and had proven to be one gentle giant.

While he has about 50 more pounds to lose, his rescuers are confident that Bopper can achieve it just like how they managed to help Hattie become successful in shedding those extra pounds.

Photo Credits to Gables Farm Dogs & Cats Home

No matter how struggling or challenged Bopper may be at this time, he sure will soon be healthy ready to go home with his forever family.



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