The Marathon De Sables is probably one of the hardest marathons there is, and it takes place in the Sahara desert. However, Cactus the dog, also known as Diggedy, was able to not only join the race but finish it as well! Cactus was able to complete the amazing and ferocious race that spanned five whole stages without stopping.

Marathon runner

This four-legged racer joined the marathon during the second stage and was able to accomplish running more than 140 miles in just a little over four hours. Because of this, he was already a fan favorite to win the race. This also landed him in the 52nd place for the second stage out of 800 competitors.

Determined dog

This determined dog was even able to defy everyone’s expectations by also finishing the fourth and most gruesome stage. Considered to be the longest leg in the marathon, Cactus was able to finish it in just a few minutes shy of 12 hours. Not only that, but this brave dog was also able to go through this fourth leg braving the heat and other elements. He was one of the courageous runners who strove through the sandstorm that blew their way.


Tracking device


By the fifth and last leg of the marathon, he was already given an official number for the race which was “000”. He was also given a tracking device so that the audience was able to track down his progress. This tracking device was also a great way for his owners to keep him up to date on his social media. His Twitter page became so popular that he was even given a hashtag for his own!

Focused on the goal

Cactus was so focused on his goal to finish the race that he was able to cross the finish line to loud cheers for those who were waiting for him. He was even awarded a medal of his very own by the organizers because of his participation in this amazing race.

Check Cactus out at this video:

Source: euronews (in English) | Youtube



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