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I’m a pet owner who loves to feed my dog natural, homecooked food. One of the foods that I wish I could always make for my dog is bone broth. Unfortunately, I have other things going on, apart from being a pet parent. I don’t always have the time to make bone broth for my dog.

Bone broth is like a superfood for dogs. It helps with maintaining healthy joints, guts, skin, and almost every part of your dog’s well-being. Plus it smells good; your dog won’t be able to resist it. So if you have a senior dog whose appetite is diminishing, you can simply cook up some bone broth. Once he smells the bone broth cooking, he’ll start enjoying his food again.


Some like to cook their bone broth longer, but you can cook it for a minimum of 24 hours. Although you can always use a crock pot so you can leave it unattended, you still may want to check on it every few hours to make sure you have enough water in the pot. Refrigerated bone broth will have a shelf life of three days – make sure to use it all up within that period.

There is a faster way to give your dog bone broth without needing to go through the long cooking process every few days. How? By using bone broth powder. No, you won’t be making the powder. You have to buy them from a pet supplies store or online.

Bone broth powder will have the same nutrients as your regular bone broth. It will have a longer shelf-life compared to the latter. And it’s pretty convenient to obtain and use. Giving your dog bone broth powder is easy. Here are some tips.

Mix the bone broth with your dog’s meal

Bone broth powder can be mixed with your dog’s food, whether it’s wet or dry dog food. If you’re using dry dog food, simply dust the top of your dog’s dry food with the powder. Because the dog food is dry, the powder will most likely reach the kibbles at the bottom of the dish.

If you’re using wet dog food, you have to mix in the bone broth power. Make sure to mix it well, especially if you have a picky eater. This will help make sure that your dog eats every bit of food on his dish, and takes in all the powder that you’ve incorporated into his meal.

Include into treats

This is applicable if you’re making your dog treats. If you are baking your treats, you can add bone broth to your baked goodies to make it healthier. You can also mix it in with other healthy snacks for your dog, like peanut butter, hard boiled egg, veggies, cooked fish or chicken, and so on. Just make sure to use ingredients that are safe for dogs.

Most of us prefer to give our dogs all-natural homecooked bone broth, but not all of us can afford to cook them regularly. Luckily, with today’s technology, we are given a more convenient way of helping our dog stay healthy as they age.



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