In South Hiendley, West Yorkshire, England, a two-year-old basset hound puppy dialed emergency 999 in an attempt to save his life.

The basset hound, George, was home alone when he knocked the family’s old fashioned phone to the ground. As it fell, the cord wrapped tightly around the dog’s neck, strangling him. With the cord wrapped around him, he somehow miraculously dialed 999. The operator could hear someone gasping and breathing heavily at the other end. The operator thought it was someone who had been attacked or was very sick.

The emergency operator told police who were dispatched to the empty house. A neighbor named Paul Walker brought over a key, and four officers searched the home. They were looking for a person who had been attacked or was ill. Walker walked into the living room and saw the basset hound struggling and choking. Paul ripped the entire phone apart, freeing the terrified dog.

George’s owners, driving instructor Steve Brown and his daughter Lydia, were in shock. The phone was not a modern push button one; it was an old school dial ring. The Browns have no clue how their dog could have possibly dialed emergency. They said you could see George’s paw print where he had dialed 999. The basset hound had saved his own life.

Brown’s eighteen-year-old daughter Lydia said George is not a particularly intelligent dog. Most of the time, they say the basset hound is perfectly content chewing on socks. The officers all started laughing when they saw what actually happened. Prepared to help someone who was injured, they found a playful pup wrapped in a phone cord.

Lydia rushed home when she heard the news. The police had gone and poor George was looking a bit sorry. Lydia said he is fortunate to have dialed emergency. He would have died otherwise.

Photo credit: Ben Lack via The Sun UK



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