Amelia Milling, a 21year old student from Tennessee, has a passion for hiking. Even though she was deaf, her disability didn’t stop her from taking on a three-day hiking trip all by herself in an Alaskan mountain. During her hike, the weather was not good, and the trail was covered with snow.  

On June 20, 2018, Amelia was trekking along Crow Creek Trail when she accidentally broke one of her poles which caused her to fall. Lucky for her, after plummeting from a terrifying hundred-foot height, she was found by a guide dog.  

The dog named Nanook had been going around the mountain trail, oftentimes, to guide hikers in the area. The Husky’s name and his identity as a guide dog were written on his tag.


Amelia was able to get back into the trail to continue her journey back to the camp with Nanooks guidance. He stayed by her all the time to make sure that she remained safe while heading to the camp.

Photo credit: Alaska State Troopers (Official)

Unfortunately, for the second time, she fell while crossing the Eagle River. The reliable dog came to the rescue again. She was pulled from the river to prevent the strong stream from taking her.

Nanook kept on licking her while she was picking up and regaining her strength after what happened. He only stopped when finally, Amelia triggered her emergency locator beacon to call for help.  

After some time, a chopper came to rescue her, and they brought along Nanook.  Amelia got her needed treatment for bruises and bumps at Anchorage. She got back in shape in no time and was very thankful for what the hero dog did.  

Indeed, what Nanook did was truly wonderful. Lt. Eric Olsen along with the Alaska State Troopers told the Anchorage Daily News during an interview that Nanook is Alaska’s version of Lassie. 

Video credit: ABC News

Thanks to Life with Dogs for sharing with us this heroic dog’s story.



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